Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg T/Th Knoch Knolls 3's

April 17th – April 27th

The 3’s class at 95th is doing great and enjoying every day. For the last 2 weeks our class has been working on the letters “E” and “I.” We also have been focusing on counting numbers and identifying numbers.

Spring is here, time to plant some seeds!

In Language Arts, we continue to read stories we love that help the children put the letter of the week that we talk about to an idea or object. We read “Save the Earth” and we talked about the Earth (big concept) and smaller things like animals and plants. The following week we read “The Very Busy Spider” and talked a lot about insects. We continued working on the letter shapes by looking at them thru a light box and by trying our hand at writing our names. We love our new name strips, we can practice anytime! We continue to notice the pattern for our name using these strips.

Practicing writing our names on our name strips.

Using the light table to see how letters have different shapes.

In Art, we practiced our cutting skills by coloring and cutting out different lines on eggs for “E” week. We discovered stamps with all the letters to make our very own creation too. We could see similarities and differences when we had several letters on the paper.  The following week we painted with little rubber insects and we squished them through the finger-paint and we discovered how much fun it was!

Practicing our small motor cutting skills.

Squishy bugs make fun prints!

In Science, we had an amazing time planting our grass seeds in funny cups that we put eyes on. We worked hard measuring the right amount of dirt and seeds, and in doing this we practice concepts of weight and size. We can’t believe how much they have grown; now they will need haircuts! We take turns every class spraying the grass with water; soon we will start measuring the growth.

The following week we were surprised to find real dirt and seeds in the sensory table. We all loved touching the newly sprouting beans and to feel the different parts of the dirt that we eagerly scooped up to plant our seeds. It was amazing to watch the children’s sense of wonder right before our eyes.

Exploring real mud and seeds used to grow plants.

In the Sensory Table, we discovered eggs and materials that birds would use to nest with. We used our imaginations to pretend we were Momma-birds by making that all important nest! We found out different objects make better nesting. We used our hands to explore the different textures, and to arrange the many colored eggs.

These are all the materials a bird could make a nest from.

In Math, we worked together with a play scale. It took some careful calculations to make the scale even.  It was even better when working with a friend. During “I” week we counted and drew legs on our caterpillar and spider pictures. Some of the bugs only had a few, but most had tons! It was interesting to help our friends’ count how many legs each of us had even when Ms. Meg’s spider had LOTS of legs. Every time we practice we get better and better at counting.

Counting legs on our insect friends. 

Let's work together to make this balance.

In Dramatic Play, we had so much excitement over our Vet office. Many of the animals needed the doctor to examine them, but it was a giant snake that escaped who scared Ms. Patti. It was a true learning experience trying out an adult role with the responsibilities of taking care of other living things.

The next week the kitchen was in our class where we took turns cooking. Our play area also included a baby who we all took care of. We worked together to tell our friends “shh the baby is sleeping.” It is wonderful to see how compassionate they were for the little dolls. When the baby woke up everyone helped feed her and shared her beautifully.

Lets take care of all the animals together!

Cooking with friends. 

We have really enjoyed the Music and Movement room so much. We have sung so many songs, danced and even pretended to be asleep when the Mommy’s on the bus (wheels on the bus) said “Sh Sh Sh.” We express ourselves physically through music and we love to see them enjoy every minute. The Large Motor room has been so exciting. We built an obstacle course and played a room sized game of chase Ms. Meg!

 Everyday has been a new adventure and truly a gift to watch them learn and grow!

Giving our grass plants haircuts! 

Dates to Remember:

Parent Teacher Conferences      May 4th (No School)

Ms. Meg and Ms. Patti