Friday, April 14, 2017

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie Pre-K RCC

March 20th-April 13th

Our visit with the Sheriff 

Thank you all so much for helping to make our Spring Tea a very special occasion!  We had a great time preparing for it, and we really enjoyed the chance to show off our classroom to our parents! After Spring Break we all had so much fun getting a chance to talk about what everyone did during their breaks.

Working on our R robots!

We have enjoyed learning about the letters R, Q, and U.  We talked about the sound the letters make and we enjoyed filling up our letter page with words that begin with these letters.  We also introduced the snap words ran and up.  We also added our letter pages to our journals. We made letter R into robots and made the letter Q into a quilt!  We also encouraged the children to visit the writing table.  they made books about their spring break.  

We continued to work on number recognition.  We made number flowers.  The children picked a number and had to find the matching number word, ten frame, and tally marks to make the petals to complete their flower.  

Water fun in the sensory table!

We really enjoy our class science experiments!  We learned how a cloud can hold a lot of water. We enjoyed an experiment where we made a sponge into a cloud and showed how much water a cloud can hold, and then the sponge cloud started raining!  We also have some new friends in our classroom, we received some caterpillars! We are having so much fun observing their behavior and watching them change.  We are learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar.

We enjoyed a lot of time with free art this week.  We have had fun getting the chance to be creative! We also have been working on a class quilt, everyone is making their own square and we will out all of our pictures together to make our quilt!

We also transformed our dramatic play area into a weather station!  The children love to take turns being the meteorologist!   

We got to try on the officer's vest!

We had so much fun with the police visit to our classroom!

We are really looking forward to some nice weather so we can have more time to play outside and to go for walks to notice all the changes during Spring!
 Ms. Susie and Ms. Theresa

Picture Day Thursday April 20
Parent Teacher conferences Thursday May 4