Monday, April 24, 2017

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie Pre-K RCC

Enjoying a beautiful walk!
April 17th- April 28th
The last two weeks have been very exciting in our class!  The weather is getting better and we have been able to go on more walks to the park!  It has been so much fun playing on the monkey bars and going down the slides.  We have also been using our imaginations to make animal homes and pretend that we are at the fire station.  The children are so creative! 

We now have butterflies!  The focus of our science lessons the last few weeks has been the life cycle of a butterfly!  We have learned how they start out as an egg, become a caterpillar and we learned that they keep eating until they crawl to the top and form a J shape.  The caterpillars then become a chrysalis.  We were so excited to walk in this past Monday to find out that we now have four butterflies!  We have talked about what they need to get stronger before we let them go outside.  We have been feeding them sugar water and oranges.  It has been so amazing to watch the children observe the butterflies up close!
One of our butterflies!


Our friendship train!
We have enjoyed learning about the letters E and O.  We talked about the sound the letters make and we enjoyed filling up our letter page with words that begin with these letters.  We also introduced the snap word on, or and out.   We also continued to review the snap words we introduced earlier this year.  The children really enjoy making sentences out of our snap words!  The children also love to search for snap words during quiet reading.  They are very excited that they are now beginning to recognize these words in their stories!   We also added a E page and a O page to our journals. We made letter E into the earth and made the letter O into an owl!  We also encourage the children to visit the writing table.  We made a class book about butterflies! The children enjoyed drawing pictures of our butterflies and then they wrote a sentence about the butterflies.  We also continued to work on letter recognition by playing fun letter recognition games.  We enjoyed playing a flower pot ABC match and initial sound sorting game  It was lots of fun!

Duck, duck, goose!

We continued to work on number recognition.  We enjoy playing a fun roll and write number game to help us learn our numbers.  We roll the dice, count the number and then write down the number.  We have been challenging the children to roll two dice and add up the number.  We try to see who can fill up their sheet first.  We have also been looking at numbers on a number line and we have worked on practicing writing our numbers. 
Fun in the sun!

We have also talked about Earth day and simple things we can do to help our planet Earth.  We listened to a story about Earth day.  We learned that we can recycle many objects, we also learned to shut off the faucet so that we do not waste water and to shut off lights if we are not in a room.  The children are really good at recycling and know that the blue bin in our classroom is where we put items that can be recycled such as paper. 


Our news team!

We also transformed our dramatic play area into a news station!   The children enjoyed pretending that they were the meteorologist reporting the weather across the country.  They enjoyed taking turns with the microphone   The also wrote down on clipboards the different types of weather and drew pictures of the different types of weather.  The dramatic play area is such an important area in our classroom because it encourages the kids to use their imaginations.  They also learn important social skills such as sharing and learning how to take turns. 


Having fun on the monkey bars!
 It is hard to believe that we only have one more month left of school!  Time flies when you are having fun!  We have many important activities coming up in the month of May including parent-teacher conferences  on Thursday, May 4th and graduation on Wednesday, May 24th.  Information about graduation will we going home soon.  Have a nice weekend!
Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie

Parent-Teacher conferences Thursday, May 4th

Graduation Wednesday, May 24th

Just hanging around!