Thursday, April 13, 2017

MWF 4's with Mrs. Hristov and Mrs. Melby April 13th

Welcome Back!  We are super excited to be together again for fun and learning.  Spring has sprung in our room and the children have grown so much in the past three weeks since the last blog.  We had a great time preparing the Spring Tea for you.  We hope you enjoyed the cookies we made and frosted.  The children worked so hard on the songs and caterpillars, and we loved having your participation on the flowers with the special words shared for your student.  We hope you enjoyed your break.  We know the students came back ready to learn.

 In Language Arts we have been focusing on identifying The letters W, B, X.  We have cut the letters and made collages using things like wagon wheel pasta, buttons, and bones from an x-ray. We are also working diligently on completing our alphabet books we have been working on all year.  Snap sight words have been added to our board as well.  For the past two weeks we have been vigorously journaling about our caterpillars. The children are doing an awesome job with the journals.

.In art we are always busy. We have examined symmetry, color mixing, and working with a lot of different mediums.  Over the past three weeks we have worked with watercolors (W week), worked with spin art for suns used at the Spring Tea, made symmetrical butterfly wings, painted with balloons, made bubble paintings,  and made bones using q-tips.
spin art suns

balloon painting

 At the manipulative table we have been working on counting blocks, writing numbers, base ten blocks, and sorting things like bugs and buttons. We have also done some measuring and cooking at this table.  Together we have made cookies and frosted them a well as banana pudding.   We have also had science at the manipulative table.  The class made a wormery out of dirt sand and leaves.  The children were excited to see the worms make tracks as they wiggled down in the dirt.  We are also examining the caterpillars and we are astounded to watch them change through their life cycles to the final stage of a butterfly.  This week we were so excited to start planting of our grass seeds.  The children did this all themselves and are going to have to water them daily. The pots are also unique to each child because it is a large picture of their face!  When it grows it is going to look like hair growing our of your child's picture.  We excited to watch them grow in the upcoming weeks!


adding the worms
planting seeds

We have been busy at play in our dramatic play area.  For W week we had a car/truck wash.  Everyone enjoyed buying a ticket and taking turns running their car through the wash.  For B week we had a birthday party.  It was super cute to hear Happy Birthday sung randomly through the day.  Everyone shared the duties of running a party, cutting the cake, and clean up.  For this week (X) we have had a doctors office complete with real x-rays on the light up table. The children work so well together and cooperate.  Everyone has a good time in dramatic play!
birthday party
x-ray table

This week we were lucky enough to have some visitors to our school.  Officers from the DuPage County Sheriff's Department.dropped in to teach us some valuable lessons about 911.  We also got to go outside and see their police cruisers.  The children we delighted to sit inside and some even got to turn on the lights and press the siren.  We all got some cool takeaways from the visit.

Parents we need your help- If you could please send in a plain white t- shirt for your child.  We are making a special end of the year project. 

Looking Ahead:

April 19- Spring Photos

May 5- Parent Teacher Conferences  (No School)

Thank you for all of your cooperation!  Have a great weekend!!

-Mrs. H and Mrs. Melby