Friday, April 28, 2017

MWF 4's with Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov April 29, 2017

Each day passes so quickly, we cant believe that the year is almost over. The children have grown so much both academically and socially.  They have bonded together and formed friendships with one another.  Each day we learn what it means to be a friend and how we treat them.  We share, take turns and cooperate with each other.  These life lessons are so important and we know they will use them forever.
Playing together with the Queen's Castle

In dramatic play, we had a flower shop out. Where the kids took flower orders and arranged flowers to give to one another. For Earth day, we all took turns together to paint a box that we had.  As the children worked on it they talked about what it could be.  Some children said a fort, cave or a house.  The possibilities are endless.  

These last two weeks, we have wrapped up the alphabet covering our last letters Y and Q.  We worked on identifying beginning sounds and brainstormed words that begin with these letters. In addition,we also are continuing to  journal about the life cycle of our butterflies,  The children have been so excited as they waited for the butterflies to arrive.  It was amazing to see their faces when they looked inside the net and saw our new classroom friends.    In addition, we also talked about Earth Day what it is and what we need to do not only this day but everyday.  
Our butterflies hatched!
We also practiced writing our letters as usual.  Whether we worked in our alphabet books, wrote on chalk boards, dry erase boards or using q-tips we practiced our letter of the week.  In addition, we worked on our sight word quilt.  This is a game where we say the sight word and the kids swat it as they recognize it.  The children had such fun playing this game while reviewing the sight words that we have covered so far.

In art, we are always so busy.  We worked with watercolors, when we created eggs and the earth.  In honor of Earth Day the children used their creativity when they constructed their very own sculpture out of recycled materials.  They also worked on their fine motor skills when they used yarn to sew,  painted using quills and q-tips, collaged our letters with all things yellow and small swatches of material to make a quilt.  We also made our very own crown and started creating our own friendship quilt.  

Creating our salt and watercolor egg

Working hard on the yarn sewing heart project

Using our imagination as we create our recycle sculpture

Painting with quills
In Science, we are observing both our chrysalis and our grass heads.  Every day we water our grass heads and we watch as the grass grows taller and taller.  It is so exciting to come to school and see all the changes.
We watered our grass heads

Boy have they grown!

In math, we are working on counting, identifying numbers on a ten grid, simple addition and practicing writing numbers.  We also measured different items using yarn.  Then we compared which one was longer and shorter.
We worked on our one to one correspondence when we painted the same number that's listed on the chart.

As it's getting nearer to the end of the year, it seems like our days pass quicker. We are so busy as we do assessments, and start preparing for graduation.  It is bittersweet to us as we see how our kids have matured and grown.  They are all wonderful children and we are so thankful that we have had this opportunity to spend with all of them.

Please remember to bring in a plain white t-shirt.  We will be starting to work on a special end of the year project.  It doesn't need to be new, but it does need for them to fit. We would prefer something with a little room.  Please bring them in by next Monday, May 8th.  Also, If you haven't already signed up for parent teacher conferences please do so.  A sign-up genius was sent out for you to do this.  If you do not have the link we can send this info home just let us know.  Also, if the date does not work for you we can also schedule phone conferences.  In addition, we are hoping to schedule a park day where we spend our whole class time at the park and have snack there.  This will probably be the week before graduation and dependent on weather.  We will send a note home closer to the date.

Looking ahead:

May 5th          No School     Parent Teacher Conferences
May 24th       Graduation - 11:30-12:30 in the Community Room at the RCC.  
We ask that the children come at 11:15 and be brought to our classroom.

Once again, it has been a pleasure teaching your children.  Thank you for the opportunity to spend this time with them.

Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov