Friday, May 19, 2017

Mrs. Boyle & Mrs. Smith's 4's @ RCC MWF

Hello family and friends! We are so glad you came to join us today. We are sad to say that this is our final blog of the school year. We would like to thank all of you for allowing us to be the first stop on your child’s educational journey. You have amazingly talented and kindhearted children and we have enjoyed every moment with them. They have made a lasting impression on all of us and we will truly miss them. Although this is the end of the year we are still hard at work. We worked on the letter Q, reviewed letters A-L, learned the number 100, tested our green thumbs, cared for butterflies, and so much more. We continue to make connections with numbers and values, to explore reading, and practice being good citizens.
We have watched our caterpillars turn into butterflies and now we must set them free!

In language arts, we learned the letter Q and reviewed previously learned letters. It is hard to believe that we finally finished all 26 letters. The letter Q was our final letter to learn. To make the sound you simply flatten your hands with your palms facing one another, put them together at the wrist, and open and shut them like a duck’s bill and make the Q sound.  The students decorated their letter Q as a quilt for their final entry to their letter binders.  They were excited to bring their binders home. We also added new sight words to our list and began creating our own set of words to bring home. Our class also worked on telling the difference between a question and a statement. They were given examples of each and asked to identify whether the example was a statement or a question. Upon completion of the lesson each student was asked to share his or her own examples. These are just a few of the things we worked on. We also read several books, played sight word bingo, wrote about rainy days, and enjoyed having guest readers in our class.
Spending time with friends and making quilts for the letter Q.

Today I drew my very best picture for our friendship quilt.

In math, the students worked on patterns, number identification, simple addition, and counting. We finally made it to 100!  The class counts to 100 everyday now, and they will continue to do so until the end of the year.  Some days we count all together and other days we form a circle and take turns naming the next number. We also played number bingo to continue working on number recognition. In this game, the teacher pulls a number and the students look for them on an oversized bingo mat. Many students are able to find the correct number when they are given the number name, while others still need to see the card that was pulled to know what they should look for.  We also worked on completing patterns with pictures, and puzzles, as well as with numbers.  The students are noticing the patterns in counting and writing numbers. We will continue to sharpen these skills for the duration of our time together.

Math Bingo can be pretty intense! I wonder who will win?

I found the missing numbers!

In Science, we learned about quails, and cared for plants and butterflies. The students learned about quails, what they eat, their natural predators, the many different species of quails, and their life cycles. They also took care of the butterflies. Each morning they quietly watched the butterflies and made sure not to startle them.  We made nectar for the butterflies with sugar and water to keep them fed. When the weather was nice enough we released the butterflies outdoors. The children were very excited to watch them fly away. Each student also tested their green thumbs by growing grass, and either flowers or green beans.  These plants have already gone home and we hope that the children will continue to care for them.  This was a great science lesson but it also taught the children responsibility.  Each day the students were responsible for watering their plants with three sprays of water from a spray bottle.  The bottles were also good for the students’ fine motor because it helps strengthen the muscles in their hands. 

Fly away little butterfly!

Art has been a blast!  The students made tissue paper ducks, drew pictures, painted flowers, and made egg carton flowers.  Out of all of these wonderful activities the thing they loved most was the painted flower. We decided to make shake up flowers instead of painting with brushes. The students placed their flowers in a box with jewels and paint. The lids were placed on the boxes and the students vigorously shook the boxes for twenty seconds. The end result is a beautifully painted flower. Some of you may remember this activity from past blogs. Our class loved the shake it up process so much that we had to bring it back for review week.  It is still a hit!

These kings and queens are making crowns.

I shook my flower so hard I created a masterpiece!
During our social studies/social emotional lessons we have been working on giving, filling buckets, and making new friends.  Making new friends at the end of the year may seem strange but by having students choose a partner to spend the day with they have gotten to know many classmates a little better.  We also made buckets in class to be filled by the other students. Each day your child is asked to write a kind note to a friend and place it in their bucket.  We teach them that kind words and actions makes others happy and fills their bucket, but their happiness fills our buckets in return. Our class has also been working on making several quilts to be donated to premature babies in a nearby hospital.  We want the children to understand the importance of giving back and filling someone’s bucket. We want them to be bucket fillers instead of bucket dippers.

We are filling buckets by making a quilt to donate to a new baby.

Toss the ball and tell us about yourself.

Our dramatic play has been a movie theater and a flower shop.  Please do not worry we did not let the children watch movies in class.  The students were given a set of pictures to project on the wall. They were also given a microphone and they made up their own stories to accompany the pictures.  Everyone loved playing with the concessions, taking tickets, controlling the pictures, telling the story, and being the audience.  It was also great to see them use their imaginations to tell the story.  Some students had so much excitement in their voices when telling the story that they even captivated the teachers.

This movie is really interesting!

The flower shop is open for business!

Thank you for joining us for our final blog.  It was great to spend the year watching your children grow and explore. It was also great working with all of you. We wish you and your children the very best. You will all be missed.

Thank You,
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Boyle

Important Dates: Please Note Graduation Time Correction

May 24           Graduation (Students should be dropped off at 8:30 am. The program begins promptly at 8:45 am. Everyone is welcome to attend!)