Monday, May 15, 2017

Mrs. Busch & Mrs.Kort - M/W/F

We have had a wonderful first two weeks in May!

In Language Arts we focused on letters "I" and "X".  We worked on tracing our letters, matching letter sounds and pictures on ice cream cones and matched upper and lower case letters using butterfly wings.
Letter Matching

We had a great time inspecting insects on our light table using magnifying glasses too!  We also worked on matching photographs of x-rays on the light table.  Quite the scientists we are!
Investigating X-Rays 

In art we got a little messy with our insect stamping!  We even got to smear some paint with our fingers.  We also painted our own hands with white paint to make an x-ray print on black paper!  Using droppers, Karo Syrup and water color paint was a fun project done on the easel.
Stamping with Insects

The sensory table was quite a hit the last couple of weeks!  We searched for insects in "grass", showed our friends and buried them again.  We also mixed bubbles in water using whisks and then practice pouring with small containers.  We added some squirting animals into the sensory table and did a wonderful job squirting in the table!

We are really working on our fine motor skills as we laced letters and designed with rubber bands on the geo boards for math.  We sorted transportation manipulatives and of course practice number sequencing and pattering each day with our calendar.
Geo Board Creations

It was so much fun being ice cream shop workers and customers in the dramatic play area!  We loved using cotton balls, ice cream cups, spoons, the cash register and menus for the full effect of an ice cream shop! 
We all scream for Ice Cream!

We got to go outside a couple of times and really enjoyed painting with water, playing freeze tag and using our stretchy band!  We do love playing with our friends in the "Monkey Room" too!  Heading up the kitchen for snack and creating fruit butterflies was a great change of environment.
Fruit Butterfly
Outdoor Fun!

We appreciate each of you taking time to meet with us at parent-teacher conferences as it means a lot to your kiddos!   Mrs. Busch & Mrs. Kort