Friday, May 12, 2017

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 4's May 12

           May Memories...just a snapshot of                         our last few days of preschool

 "It's in the nature of being a teacher to be a rock in the stream, standing in one place while the stream races by, tumbling over and around you, shaping you while you're shaping it."
                                                       --Teacher Tom--

                                           CAPTAINS OF THEIR OWN SHIPS

                                JURICA-SUCHY NATURE MUSEUM
Following a tour of the museum, the children went on a scavenger hunt and located different animals on their list.  It was rewarding to hear the children work together to help one another make sure they located all their animals.  We heard “follow me, I’ll show you where it is,” or “I’ll help you look for that Kola bear, he is hanging from a big branch." A simple desire to help one another.  As parents and teachers, we want our children to develop a passion for reading, math, science, sports, nature or the arts.  What should be first and foremost, is the desire to help each other, no matter how small the task.  It has been our privilege to see your children grow developmentally, academically, socially and compassionately all within our little school community.  


I am looking for the grizzly bear, has anyone seen him??

Do you need any help finding an animal?

We are incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful oasis right outside our classroom, where our young explorers can learn about the natural world.

A sweet conversation while picking flowers
Is that a bunch of boys sitting still AND reading books?!?!
  The children greet us each day with joy and eagerness and that makes our job awesome.  Every hike outside was a new adventure.  It may be the same paths, streams, boulders and logs, but the children were always filled with new excitement and wonder. They are ready to experience the unexpected.  Thank you to our wonderful parents for their support, and not sweating the small things like:
---muddy clothes
---wet socks at the bottom of the back packs
---burs on their clothes and in their hair
---the "unknown" found in their pockets, dead or alive
---that collection of rocks and sticks that was never ending
---and appreciating that bundle of wildflowers/weeds that they picked just for you...AGAIN

                                           Happy Trails, and have a great summer
                                                    Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh

Dates to remember:

May 22--We will go on our last hike together and have a class picnic.  Remember to send a picnic lunch and water bottle

Graduation May 24.  Let us know if you need another announcement. Children arrive at 9:45 for our 10:00 ceremony