Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy MWF 3's Plus at RCC

Dear Preschool Families,

Happy Last Week of School!!  Wow!! What a wonderful school year!!  It’s hard to believe our time together has come to an end; it feels as though we’ve just begun.  We give you back your child, the same child you confidently entrusted to our care last fall.  We give your children back a few pounds heavier, inches taller, more responsible, a little more confident, and a little more mature.  We give them back reluctantly, for having spent eight months together in our classroom, we have grown close, have become part of each other, and we shall always retain a little of each other. We have loved, laughed, explored, learned, cried and enriched our lives together this year.  Each of your children has brought such joy and happiness to our classroom.  We were so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of children and parents.  Our friends and family often laugh at Ms. Denise and I when we refer to your children as “our kids”.  They are like our own children.  They all have touched our life in such a positive way.  We wish it could go on indefinitely, but they are ready for a new chapter in their lives to begin.  Ms. Denise and I are so proud of the growth and accomplishments they have made this year!!  Thank you so much for sharing your children with us this year, we have truly enjoyed watching them grow!

Thank you also to our wonderful parents, this year would not have been a success without your support.  The children, Ms. Denise and I greatly appreciated all the wonderful books which were read to us!!  We hope you enjoyed spending time in our room as much as we enjoyed having you in class.

Have a wonderful, fun and relaxing summer!!  Don’t forget to come back and visit!!!

Hugs and Love,
Ms. Sandy and Ms. Denise

P.S.  Did I mention, that due to unforeseen circumstances, they all must repeat this year with Ms. Denise and I……… 😊