Friday, May 12, 2017

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy T/Th 3's at the RCC

The end of the year is quickly approaching.  It seems like only yesterday we were meeting for the first time.  It has been wonderful watching your children grow! The past two weeks we were learning about Nursery Rhymes, such as, ‘Humpty Dumpty’,  ‘Jack and Jill’, and  ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

I made a road.

Building house with magnatiles

Science- We performed some pretty cool experiments  with eggs. In a large group, we predicted what would happen to a raw egg when placed in tap water and another raw egg in salt water. The results were very interesting. Both the eggs stood up, however, the egg in the tap water floated and the one in salt water sunk! As a large group we hypothesized if ‘Humpty Dumpty’(raw) falls off a “wall”(table) will he crack/break.  Did he crack/break? Yes, he did! It was very  “egg”citing to watch!

What will happen to the eggs in the water?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...

Math- The children were practicing fine motor skills as well as counting using tweezers to place beans in an egg carton and in plastic cups with numbers on them. They would place a certain number of beans in a slot in the carton, or cup, that corresponded to a number written on the carton. Some even worked as a team!  The children were very  fascinated with using the cotton ball as a pillow for their “sleeping” fingers.  We also played with a number activity using pegs and boards. The children had to put the correct number of pegs in the boards of numbers that matched.  Number puzzles were another enjoyable activity the children participated in.

Bean counting and working on fine motor

Bean counting and math manipulatives


Art- We have been working on a special project that the children will take home in a few weeks. We know you will be so proud of your creative artists! The children really enjoyed putting Humpty Dumpty together.  First, they ripped the paper egg and next they glued the egg on a piece of construction paper.  Stickers! Stickers! We love Stickers!! The children have really enjoyed making creative works of art using stickers.

Cutting Humpty Dumpty into pieces.

I put Humpty Dumpty together again!

Creating masterpieces with stickers and markers.

Language Arts- The children played a matching game by matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters. They did a great job working together to find a match.  We did a large group activity on sequencing. Four children were randomly chosen to hold up one action of a story. Together we put the story in chronological order. Then the children had the opportunity to work with the sequencing cards individually or with a partner.

Sequencing activity

Gross Motor- The children just love going to the gym! A few of the activities we played were running (always a favorite), obstacle courses and animal movements. The children also rolled like an egg.
We are eggs rolling.


We have enjoyed working with and spending time with your children this year!

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy

Upcoming Dates-

Tuesday, May23- Last day of Preschool