Friday, May 12, 2017

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg T/Th Knoch Knolls 3's

The year is coming to an end.  It is almost time to say good-bye.  We have watched your children learn, grow and change from day to day.  We valued every second of it.  We hope that the things we have done has given them many cherished memories!

In language arts their love of books has grown!  Not only do they enjoy listening to stories, they are doing a great job telling stories!  Whether talking about real life experiences or made up fun, many laughs are visible during group time and throughout the day.  They are also doing an amazing job with their letters!  The past two weeks we learned about the letters B and G.  Bugs, bubbles, bakery, green, grass, goofy giggles and more start with our weekly letters!
Listening to see what happens next!

Books are interesting!
In math they worked together to make marbles roll.  Colored beads were carefully picked up with tweezers and put into the same colored bowl.  Then we counted them!  Magnets are always fun!  It is interesting to see what is magnetic and what is not.  Or how many magnetic pieces can be picked up before they fall apart.  They also put together puzzles that had buttons as the puzzle pieces.  The buttons had different shapes and colors.
A lot of concentration going on here!

Taking turns!

All kinds of magnets!
Many great friendships have been made this year!  They have leaned to share and work together.  A lot of great conversations take place as they explore and talk at the sensory table!  As children arrive in the morning, they like to gather around the play dough table.  Their imagination and creativity shows!  It is fun as a teacher to listen!  And I must admit, as we smile, we are very proud of their social abilities!  They have come a long way since the beginning of the year!
Bugs are hiding in the beans!

Grass cutting!

A huge dough!

Talking at the bakery!
The children have been working hard on making a special book to bring home the last day of school! You will see their hard work as they proudly show it to you!  They also made grass out of paper, glued it on another piece of paper, put flowers in the grass and drew all kinds of extra's.  We seen sunshines, rainbows, bugs, people and many other things they drew in their grass!  It was also fun blowing colored bubbles onto paper.  Many children went home with colorful hands!!!
Spring pictures!

Bubble fun!

Rubber room friends and silliness!

Remember Tuesday, May 23 is their last day of school.  We will have a teddy bear (or any animal) picnic.  More information will be sent home soon.

Thank you for sharing your children with us.  We have truly had a wonderful year!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg