Friday, May 12, 2017

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie Pre-K RCC May 12

Crazy Hair Day

May 1 - May 12
We have had a wonderful couple of weeks!  We are busy getting ready for graduation, and have been working hard on practicing our songs! We are having fun with our special days each week.  We really enjoyed crazy hair day and crazy sock day!

Look at our butterfly go!

This week we finally had some weather nice enough to release our butterflies!  We walked to the park and then sat in a circle while the butterflies had a few minutes to get used to the outside temperature before we released them.  We got to watch as a couple of the butterflies flew close to us and landed in the grass near us.  We also planted our bean seeds and will be observing them as they grow.  We talked about what plants need to grow.  

We have enjoyed learning about the letters M and B.  We talked about the sound the letters make and we enjoyed filling up our letter page with words that begin with these letters.  The children were able to think of so many words!  We added letter pages to our journals, we made M monsters and made a B out of baseball bats and baseballs.  We introduced new snap words.  We made some bug mini books in our writing center.  We enjoyed listening to many books about bugs.  We also loved having a couple of mystery readers!

We love free art!

We continued to work on letter recognition.  We played a bug addition game.  We had to add two different types of bugs together to write our math problem  We also played subtraction bowling.  The children had a lot of fun learning about subtracting by knocking down the pins!

Building with teamwork!

We enjoyed painting with blue paint!  We had so much fun making our special art this week !  We also enjoyed a lot of time for free art.  It is so fun to see the creative ideas the children have!  We also played with blocks this week.  The children have such a fun time working together to build great structures!

It is hard to believe that we have less than two weeks left of school! Information on graduation went home last week, please let us know if you have any questions!

Ms. Susie and Ms. Theresa

Backwards shirt day Wednesday, May 17
Graduation Wednesday, May 24th