Thursday, May 11, 2017

MWF4's with Mrs. Hristov and Mrs. Melby May 12th

  The weather is finally starting to get warm and staying warm, the students know that summer is near.  We have had a busy two weeks reviewing all the skills we have learned throughout the year.  The students have also been preparing for the end of the year ceremony and making sure its just right for their audience. We are counting down the days till our ceremony.  The excitement is starting to build. 

word families game
At the writing/language arts table for the last two weeks, the students have been busy finishing up their journals about butterflies.  We have also been working on rhyming words and word families.  The students were challenged by having to match up the beginning sound to the family.  We also have been playing our sight word swat game on our sight word quilt. The students are doing a great job with rhyming words and sight (snap) word identification.

snap word quilt game


In the math/manipulative center we have done a wide array of cool math manipulative games and concepts.  We have organized and matched numbers to the correct flower.  We also sorted food from a wok using only chopsticks. This is a great way to practice fine motor skills.  One day the students took on a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) building challenge.  This game required students to choose a card displaying a structure.  The students then had to build the structure as seen on the card. Next they had to accomplish a task such as knocking something down or making a ball roll faster.  They loved the challenge and it was awesome to see them succeed in matching, manipulating, and using engineering concepts.
chopstick wok game


                                     This week we released our butterflies!  What a fun experience we have had watching our caterpillars go through the whole cycle of life right before our eyes.  We wished them well and sent them on their way.

fork tulips
spring scene water dipped chalk drawing
Art tables and the easel have been all about flowers and everything spring these past two weeks.  We are discussing the happenings of spring, and what to include in a spring picture.  We have fly swatter painted flowers, painted tulips with forks, and flowers made from coffee filters and glitter.  We even did a cool crayon melting project that the students did with hairdryers.

fly swatter flower painting
spring scene painting
Crayon melting

We have seen the children play and cooperate so well this week in our many areas of play where sharing is needed.  In the sensory table we formed bubbles from soap and practiced hand strength with straw cutting.  At dramatic play we enjoyed pretending with an office and a mail center. Then for block play we instituted gears, blocks,  and firetrucks.  Everyone has really learned to cooperate, share, take turns, and be a good friend.   
experimenting with gears
mail carrier

Looing ahead:

May 24-   Graduation Day!  Students arrive to our room at 11:30.  Parents and guests go to the Community room for ceremony starting at 11:45.

We are glad we were your teachers,
We have come to love you so.
We can not believe the end is here,
We hate to see you go.
Remember all the fun we had
in all the things we did,
but most of all remember...
Thank you for all of your help and cooperation this year.  We wish you the best of luck next year!!  Have a great summer. 
Mrs. Hristov and Mrs. Melby